Gaining 30 Pounds

A couple of years ago when our curate came to our church, someone sent out a note and said we were going to do a “pounding.”


When I look up the definition, the first one said, “Repeated and heavy striking or hitting of someone or something.” Not something our new curate would appreciate. So, feeling old and crotchety, I thought maybe it was a new-fangled word. Checking the urban dictionary I found, “The action of doing any superfly activity in a group.” While the idea of doing superfly activities in a group (especially my church group) DOES have some appeal, I still didn’t think this was what the email was talking about. Finally, I found it. enlightened me to the old tradition of a pounding. They define it as “A custom dating back to Quaker founding days: When a couple move into the neighborhood, a welcome wagon type of get together would be called where all the neighbors would bring a pound of sugar, flour, or whatever, to help stock up the new neighbors cupboards. Nowadays, a church event, where you bring any essentials to add to the new couples’ stock.”

That concept inspired me.

If you have read my first blog post “The Beginning”, you’ll see that I’m trying to lose weight. Gaining 30 pounds is not on my agenda. But I decided that it’s time to put more skin in the game.

Today marks the two-week mark from when I officially weighed in at Healthy Wage. Starting now, I’ve decided to replace every pound I lose with a pound of food to be donated to Madcaap (Madison Countians Allied Against Poverty.) Last year alone, they provided groceries for 5,247 families.

I’m pleased to report that after two weeks, I’m officially 6 pounds lighter, and my Madcaap basket is 6 pounds heavier!

So, perhaps this isn’t a traditional “pounding” but if nothing else, it’s good food for a good cause. If you’d like to join me, just let me know. If you’re local, certainly Madcaap could use the extra food. If you’re not here in Madison, feel free to join in to support a local food pantry or soup kitchen where you live.

The only thing better than a traditional pounding would be an urban pounding. After all, this would certainly be a superfly activity to do with a group. Are you in?


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